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Butterfly building design - view #1

Butterfly building design - view #2

Butterfly building design - view #2

Butterfly building design - view #2

Really Useful Products is a UK based business that designs, develops, manufactures and distributes an innovative and well-designed range of plastic products to help our customers save time through being better organised. Our best known product is Really Useful Boxes but we have also developed complimentary products like drawer units and organisers.

We were established in 1999 and from a zero base our turnover is now £40 million (or $60 million) and we now employ 280 people, mainly at our Normanton UK manufacturing plant. Half our revenue is generated outside the UK, and the USA followed by Germany, Belgium and Holland are our largest non-UK markets.

Most of our output is manufactured in-house and we also utilise sub-contract manufacture in UK and USA. In Normanton we have an advanced manufacturing system using best practice to maintain quality and help drive down our manufacturing costs.

We continue to grow and our existing site will be full later in 2015 when we install additional machinery. In order to continue to grow we need to create extra floor space. Our current site has no expansion space so in November 2014 we bought a nearby piece of land capable of supporting up to 4 times more machinery.

We were creating more Jobs and fortunately for the project to go ahead we secured £3 million (or $5 million) of grant funding from the UK Governments grant scheme - the Regional Growth Fund.

As a business we are creating increasingly quirky designs and we felt that our new facility should reflect this. Due to the layout of the land it was suggested by our CEO that we create a building in the shape of a butterfly. So our dream is to create a new manufacturing facility that will support our growing business and have the offices in the shape of a butterfly. It is expected the Butterfly will be 6 stories high and we think this will be a world's first. Once we had secured Government help we bought the piece of land and from December 2014 we have been planning towards getting the building completed.

We have absolutely no experience of even building a garden shed so we initially employed a Building Consultant (Gayle Taylor from Lampton Smith Hampton) and then brought on-board all other contractors. Currently we have applied for planning permission and are just finishing the plans in order that we can tender the building work. We are hoping to start building in January 2016, finish the factory in November 2016 and finish the butterfly offices in April 2017.

This is our dream. We recognise we have a long and torturous journey ahead and there will be many twists and turns. Will our dream become a reality - well we hope so. Will our dream get bigger- again we hope so.

Our dream will only become a reality if we all work hard as a team to achieve this. We do think we are creating something different and distinctive and this website is dedicated to telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth behind the story. We are also making a documentary film on the whole story and hope that some of you reading this will make their own contribution to it.

So without further to do - let the dream begin.